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We sell xml data and wordpress plugins – mainly for the betting and football markets. Our goal is to make life easy for other webmasters, and automate what we think is boring tasks for webmasters:)

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How to create a betting prediction with dbsPicks

It is very easy, to create betting predictions on your wordpress blog, using our wordpress plug dbsPicks. It actually only takes a few secounds to create a betting prediction, and thats because we are working with wordpress draft templates, which got all the basic...

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A few updates – and a thank you

We just released a few updates for the wordpress plugin, so to those of you who already have it installed and using it. Please download the update from the account page. And thank you to those who have been giving in feedback, and reporting the bugs - just keep it...

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Templates in the dbsPicks WordPress Plugin

Our wordpress plugin dbsPicks, makes creation of betting prediction on your wordpress blog, real easy. The easy part, is that you generate some templates, for each betting type, for example Home Wins, Away Wins, Over 2.5 Goals and so on. You can create multiple...

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Settings Page In The Plugin – A Quick Intro

dbsPicks got a settings page, where you can adjust a few basics thing in how the plugin operates. The most important thing on the settings page, is the API key - if you dont insert that, the plugin dosnt have any functionality. As the plugin feeds of data delivered...

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Status Page In The Plugin – What Is It?

In the wordpress plugin dbsPicks there is a page, called "Status" Its very simple, it just lists what the status is on a few topics: Is the API valid? Have the plugin imported data? Is templates created for the various betmarkets? Valid API is crucial for the plugin...

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Bookies Page In The Plugin – How To Use

In the "Bookies" section of our dbsPicks Wordpress plugin, you will after you have inserted the API keys in the settings page, get a list of bookmakers. You can change the bookmaker name, and the bookmaker url. We recommend you to change at least the url, to your own...

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Using linux cronjobs instead of wordpress cron

Our wordpress betting prediction plugin dbsPicks, uses cronjobs to automate import of football data, and posting of betting predictions to your blog, and to calculate stats on your betting predictions and more. The wordpress cron is okay to do this. However it is not...

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Teams logo guide

When you purchase access to our Football Data XML API, you will also get access to hundreds and hundreds of club logos. After the purchase you will be able to download them in a zip file. Our dbsPicks wordpress plugin can use those club logos in its wordpress betting...

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Shortcodes you can use in templates

The dbsPicks wordpress plugin, create wordpress posts based on draft templates, where you can design your posts beforehand, for easy creation of betting prediction. There is a bunch of shortcodes you can use, to fill in data in your wordpress betting predictions...

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