dbsPicks WordPress Plugin


Wordpress plugin for easy generation of betting predictions, on your wordpress blog. Track the results of the betting predictions published on your blog.



This wordpress plugin, needs data to be useful! We ofcourse also sell that data here: Football XML Data

dbsPicks – WordPress Plugin

This wordpress plugin, enables you to create a betting prediction wordpress blog as easy as 1-2-3.

How It Works?

The plugin automatic imports football and odds data, into your wordpress installation. And then based on draft templates you have made, it will automatic post these predictions to your wordpress blog. The posts published can contain, odds, bookmaker links, stats from the football match you have created a prediction on. All very easy to set up.

The plugin will automatic calculate ROI, Winrate and more, based on your betting predictions, which you ofcourse can present for your viewers.

It is fully integrated with our data package, so club logos can be inserted automatic in your published blog posts.

Examples of websites running this plugin:


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