Our wordpress plugin dbsPicks, makes creation of betting prediction on your wordpress blog, real easy.

The easy part, is that you generate some templates, for each betting type, for example Home Wins, Away Wins, Over 2.5 Goals and so on. You can create multiple templates for each betting type. If you have more then one template, per betting type. The plugin will just choose a random one that matches the betting type, you have predicted for the specific game.

A template in our world, is actually just a draft wordpress post, in the “dbsPicksPosts”, where you enter a bunch of shortcodes and some text, sounds easy right? It is:)

For example you can write a real easy template, that looks like this:

“@hometeam@ is going to win over @awayteam – you can get that at @odds@ at @bookie@”

But we recommend you to make them much longer, with far more text and data in them. There is a lot of stats you can use in these templates, find them all in our shortcodes guide.